Winter Stable Blend - A Warming Low NSC Healthy Treat with a Purpose

Winter Stable Blend - A Warming Low NSC Healthy Treat with a Purpose
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4 oz
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Winter Stable Blend - An Herbal Warming Blend

Winter Stable Blend is an all-natural, low NSC treat with a purpose. Winter Stable Blend in an Equine Wellness Magazine Approved Product A wonderful Fall/Winter blend of warming herbs and herbs for the tummy. Also herbs for immune support!

A featured Equine Wellness Magazine Approved Product in 2015. Your horses will love the great taste - with lots of leafy herbs, flowers, flower petals, and more!

We had a year or two of not offering this blend but brought it back by popular demand. We have reformulated and added some new herbs:

  • Echinacea and ginger for more immune support
  • More Chamomile and Yarrow flowers for calming and to reduce inflammation from standing around too much in the barn
  • Extra peppermint leaf to settle the tummy and to help prevent some gas colic too


Winter Stable Blend contains lemon balm, rose petals, yarrow, chamomile flowers, peppermint, hawthorne, parsley, and dandelion leaf, some echinacea, ginger, licorice root, & cinnamon pieces along with orange peel, & meadowsweet.

How to Feed

Winter Stable Blend is crafted specifically for use in the fall and winter months. Feed by the hand full or mixed in bucket feed and your horse will love you! You can also make this in to a tea in a quart jar and pour over bucket feed use 1/3 to 1/2 cup per quart, let it steep till warm and pour over your horses bucket feed, he will love you!


Winter Stable Blend is packaged in 4 oz & 8oz due to shipping cost for sending the 1# size.  If you wish to purchase in the 1# size please email me so I can provide you the cost of shipping to your area.  The 4 oz size is about 4 to 6 small hand fulls, as it is fed by the handful and sprinkled as a topper on your horses hay or bucket feed.

Special Orders of Larger Sizes also available upon request!

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