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Nosodes v.s. Vaccinations for Your Equine Friends

Nosodes v.s. Vaccinations for Your Equine Friends

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Nosodes v.s. Vaccinations for Your Equine Friends

Like cures like. You might be surprised to learn this philosophy is not only the basic principle behind homeopathy, but Western medical vaccines as well. Both have been successful in preventing and treating disease, but as many are learning this day and age, one of these options is much safer than the other.

Vaccines work by using weakened or killed disease agents, which stimulate the body’s immune system to build up defenses against a targeted disease and then protect the body from that disease for a period of time.

There’s no denying that vaccines can and have saved lives, but due to the current practice of over-vaccinating — especially in veterinary medicine — they’re also decreasing the quality of life for many. In fact, allergies, asthma, cancer, and nearly every autoimmune disorder have all been linked with vaccines. Additionally, reactions, ranging from mild to deadly, are not abnormal with vaccines.

Over-vaccination is not often discussed in the equine veterinary community, but many horse owners have noticed reactions in their animals and have therefore chosen to vaccinate less often or seek alternative methods of protecting their horses. Fortunately, there is a safer alternative: nosodes. Homeopathic preparations of heavily diluted substances secreted in the course of a disease, nosodes can be used for both prevention and treatment purposes. They work similarly to vaccines, stimulating the body’s response to disease, but unlike vaccines, nosodes do not contain harmful chemicals or additives. They are diluted anywhere from 100 to 1,000,000 times and then succussed (vigorously shaken) before being made into a pellet or spray to be given orally.

Because of their high level of dilution, nosodes are considered completely safe. And while many modern researchers claim they cannot find traces of the original DNA in nosodes, proponents of homeopathy claim the energy of the medication is still contained in the remedy. Nosodes work on an energetic level, much like acupuncture and acupressure.

Nosodes have been used in humans for over 200 years, successfully treating a wide range of diseases from scarlet fever to scabies. They are somewhat newer in the veterinary world, but have already proven successful in the prevention and treatment of many diseases such as distemper and kennel cough in dogs as well as West Nile virus and strangles in horses.

While vaccines take about two weeks to protect the person or animal from the targeted disease, nosodes work quickly in the patient’s system, offering much quicker protection. Nosodes can also be safely re-dosed as often as needed for continued treatment or to prevent an outbreak in a group of animals.

Some may confuse nosodes with traditional homeopathic remedies, and they are, indeed, very similar. The only difference is that the remedies are prepared from a plant, mineral, or animal secretion (such as snake venom) valued for its medicinal properties instead of from secretions produced during disease.

So next time you’re looking to protect your horse from disease, consider nosodes as an alternative to vaccines. And if your horse has already been diagnosed with a condition such as EPM or Pigeon Fever, nosodes can aid in a quick recovery.

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