Dog Products

Dog Products

We used to sell dog and cat food but there are so many on the market to choose from, we could not beat Amazon's prices and shipping, we now only focus on a few really awesome supplements for the health of your dog!  Dog friendly probiotics, joint supplements and an all over wellness formula "Canine Wellness".

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Canine Wellness Formula

It was a long time coming but is here now, manufactured for us by HorseTech - this is an awesome formula with the omegas needed for optimum health and well being, digestive enzymes and probiotic's too! Kelp, Vitamin C, and Bovine Colostrum!!! Introduce this product to your dog's diet gradually, working up...

HylaSport Canine

Best Selling Joint Support for Dogs! Horse Tech originally formulated and manufactured a custom supplement, for a customer of theirs for canine joint health. The results were remarkable. Pretty soon, more friends were calling and asking for the custom dog supplement which, at the time, we referred to as...

K-9 Joint Juice - A Pure Joint Supplement for Dogs of All Ages & For All Sports to Back Yard and Senior Dogs

A great nutritional high strength pure supplement for joint health for your dog of any age!! An 8 oz foil pouch contains approximately 120 doses at 1/2 tsp per dose, and will last a medium size dog about 60 days. K-9 Joint Juice is designed to support the natural manufacture your dogs of synovial fluids...

Nutra Flax Canine

Nutra Flax for dogs! Canine Nutra-Flax is a naturally nutritious source of the essential fatty acid--Omega-3! Also a great source of high quality protein, fat and fiber. Our Canine Nutra-Flax features a veggie-beef stew flavoring. Easy to feed and your satisfaction is fully guaranteed ! Vege Beef...

PupSup Canine Probiotic

Daily Use Probiotic/Prebiotic for Digestive/Gastro Support Several years ago, HorseTech started selling several canine products as part of our PupSup Products line. PupSup canine products are made right here in Laurens, Iowa--just like the HorseTech equine supplements that you've used for over a decade....


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