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Ca-Mg Buffer

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Calcium & Magnesium - An Inexpensive Buffer!

When your vet says your horse may have ulcers and you need to give your horse a buffer, this is the one we recommend! It has direct fed microbials in the blend and a non-sugar molasses flavor horses love!

This calcium and magnesium buffer product is a great choice when a simple buffer is called for. This product also contains yeast culture and a daily dose of probiotics (direct-fed microbials).

Feed at the rate of one ounce per day (28.4 grams). The product is easy to use--just add it to your daily feeding. We've used a non-sugar molasses flavoring to enhance palatability.

Each one ounce serving will provide 5.0 grams of calcium and 2.50 grams of magnesium.

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