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If you are new to our website, welcome - if you have a horse with EPM or suspect EPM our homeopathic and herbal blends are affordable and have helped thousands of horses regain their health.

Please read before purchasing -- Our EPM Approach & Theory (PDF).

I am not a vet but a homeopath, I am also an equine nutritionist so those are the things we have to offer.

EPM is not an easy dis-ease to diagnois nor treat and results vary, however most owners start seeing results in about 7 to 10 days, with many horses starting to show improvements in 3-5 days, it is all so individual to each horse, their overall health when they were infected as well as vitality and how long they have been infected prior to diagnosis or your awareness. EPM causes a lot of damage to the horse physically and although Marquis and other vet meds can kill the protoza, they do not help to heal the horse from the inside out nor reverse any of the damage to the nervous system, which takes time and a nutritional approach no matter if you use vet drugs or our homeopathic program. Vitamin E and Vitamin C are much needed during recovery and while being treated.

EPM since September 2019 has become epidemic in several states and many are searching for a more natural approach, or one they can afford to help their horse, we have that. I too had a horse with EPM so know the feelings of stress and helplessness as you spend all kinds of money for vet meds that are only about 50% effective in most cases, with your horse continuing to decline because they are not healing the drug is killing the protoza causing the issues. I used the Homeopathic TX Twice on her and she was able to be a horse again.

Treating EPM is not just about killing the protoza that cause the damage, it also includes time for the horse to regain its health, and can take months, your horse will need good nutrition, supplements, vitamin e and more to recover, they do not just recover if treated alone.

Many have found our site through the Face Book EPM page and have been referred by members.

Please know vitamin e (10,oo iu per day)and excellent nutrition with no soy in the diet play a key role, as does hand walking your horse daily at least 20 minutes with lots of backing as well as forward motion..

SHIPPING: Per our company policy we are for the most part only shipping on Tuesdays and some Fridays we do not and cannot ship over night or offer expedited shipping, we only ship USPS and have to drive the orders to the post office, we are rural and there is no pick up. Because of demand I have often run out so in some cases it can take up to 5 business days before I can ship.

NOTE: If your horse is very ill please seek veterinary care.