Earth Song Ranch Store

Equine Nosodes/Homeopathics

We believe in natural health for our animals and use homeopathy and nosodes in place of vaccines -- the nosodes come from a homeopathic compounding veterinarian pharmacy, some we send out and some are drop shipped.

Nosodes are homeopathic immunizations and have been used for more than a century in veterinary care.

Please Note: Nosodes and Homeopathic’s are not returnable due to FDA regulations, for any reason.

Note on Processing & Shipping times: These nosodes and homeopathics can take up to three weeks to process and ship, if they are the only item you are ordering from our store, but usually faster, which is depending on our volume of our main business, we usually hand dispense these on average of twice per month as they are labor intensive and our herbal blends go first, we do not dispense nosodes or remedies daily. In the event you are purchasing any of our herbal blends along with nosodes or remedies they do ship faster along with the rest of your order.

If you are only ordering nosodes from us and not a regular customer and you cannot wait up to three or four weeks to receive them then we gently ask that you not order from us. We started doing this as a courtesy to our regualr clients then started offering them to others. This is not the main part of our business and is labor intensive so we have to focus on what we do that sustains us and offer nosodes as an aside.

During the winter months we do not recommend purchasing the liquid homeopathics as they tend to freeze and burst the bottles they are dispensed in.

Please Note: These products and any statements made about these products have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration. Any claims are based on homeopathic practices not on medical evidence. They are not FDA evaluated nor approved.