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1/2 Hour Nutritional Consultation for Your Horse

Paid in Advance of Appointment.

For a 1/2 Hour consult, you send me all info requested, including photos, at least 48 hours in advance to allow for review time:

  • List of everything your horse eats, including treats, concentrated bag feed/grain, hay et al.
  • Photos of each side of your horse and front and hind photos showing your horse's hooves.

I review everything prior to our consult. We spend 1/2 hour going over my evaluations from what you sent and responding to your questions.

Note: Only one horse per consult. I only do six 1/2 hour consults per month. So book early.

(For an overview of Earth Song Ranch nutritional consultations and how to book, please see Nutritional Consultations For Your Horse.)

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