These herbal blends all have a purpose and were formulated over the years, some for my personal horses, some for friend's horses with health challenges.  They are blends of wild crafted, some organic herbs. We make all of these in small batches and blend them fresh when they ship.

Calm & Cool - For When Your Horse Needs to Be Calm & Focused

We have made this blend for local horses for years, and now for all of the horses traumatized in the fires we are going to offer it to others to help their horses get through the trauma. We have found the blend we use and have used for years to be very effective in helping anxious and troubled horses. We...

Cushings IR Metabolic Herbal Blend

With so many of our clients horses with metabolic issues including Pre-Cushing's / Cushings which is showing up in cresty necks and long hair coats that do not shed we decided to make a cost effective blend of herbs to support their specific needs.  This blend differers from the Sunny's blend in the...

EPM Herbal Tx

Natural Herbal Support for EPM EPM seems to be rampant all over the country, and medical intervention can be costly as well as lengthy. We created this EPM Herbal TX blend to support the EPM Positive horse in 2005 - and many people have used it alone and in conjunction with traditional veterinarian...

Happy Horse Meadow Blend

A great taste treat with lots of leafy herbs, flower petals, and more! Back by popular demand, which I always carry for my local clients and have been offering for several years, is now available on my web site. Happy Horse Meadow blend is a taste treat your horses will love, it contains a blend of dried...

Happy Mare

An aromatic and flavorful blend of specially selected herbs in powder form blended in a rich yeast culture to add some probiotics just for your mare! Your order is hand blended the day it is shipped with herbs that we have blended together for their supportive properties. We use mostly organic and wild crafted...

HorsePrin - A Non-Bute Natural Alternative

An herbal blend for inflammation, discomfort and pain relief for horses without the long term side effects of bute or banamine. Used by a few hundred horses since 1998 with good results & lots of repeat customers! HorsePrin is a blend of herbs known to be anti-inflammatory and pain relieving, including...

Organic Herbal Immune Boost

Organic Immune Boost is an herbal blend to use when you have a horse who is ill, compromised, or just needs a boost. The powerful organic herbs were selected for their Immune Boosting qualities and properties. I have used this blend for my horses and my daughter's dog, all with good results....

Senior Herbal Support

A Wonderful and Flavorful Herbal Blend to Support Your Older Horse Herbally and More Naturally. We hand blend this product the day it ships, we believe in products leaving here freshly made. This is a blend of specially selected herbs to support and nourish the kidneys and liver; some herbs also contain...

Sunny's Herbal Formula for Cushing's Horses

Because this blend is so popular in the kit we decided to sell it separately too and in 1 & 3# size - this is an herbal blend made specifically for Pre- Cushings and Cushings horses -- it contains herbs that are anti-inflammatory and supportive to the endocrine system! For more information go to Sunny's Kit.

Winter Stable Blend - A Warming Low NSC Healthy Treat with a Purpose

Winter Stable Blend - An Herbal Warming Blend Winter Stable Blend is an all-natural, low NSC treat with a purpose. A wonderful Fall/Winter blend of warming herbs and herbs for the tummy . Also herbs for immune support! A featured Equine Wellness Magazine Approved Product in 2015. Your...

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