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Equine Strangles Nosode

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This Strangles Nosode carrys strains from Canada and the US, it also has Bastard Strangles in it as well, so will help to prevent your horse from many varieties that he could come in contact with.

Please note: Homeopathic Remedies and Nosodes are not returnable due to FDA regulations.

We do have a homeopathic protocal that will helps to clear a horse of strangles in about 10 days time, once they come down with it.

Nosodes are a homeopathic immunization as opposed to a pharmacutical vaccine. We are not veterinarians but do consult with many homeopathic vets.

Customer Feedback

"I want you to know just how VERY grateful I am that I found you so many years ago, and how it helped my barn out so much, as well as each of my horses!! They have stayed so healthy, with no side effects. Once, there was an outbreak of strangles that we heard about the day after we got home from a 4 day dressage show that we had attended with 4 of our horses!! Not one of our horses, who were all given the strangles nosode each month, showed even one reaction that might have been expected by those that weren't used to the nosodes. The owner of the show barn told us that ours and four others, who had their horses vaccinated for strangles, which had such awful side effects that I never wanted to use it, were the only barns out of all the others that had no illnesses. So again, I want to thank you and Dr. Wessner for providing us with the nosodes for so many years!!"

-B. O'Day, Indiana, 20-year customer

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