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About Us

My name is Jessica Lynn and I am the owner and founder of Earth Song Ranch. I am an equine nutritionist, have been practicing homeopathy for over 45 years, and am passionate about natural health for horses, dogs and cats, as well as us humans. The products we design, manufacturer and offer are all natural, supportive and health enhancing, we strive to keep them afforadable as well s chemical free.

We walk our talk, we feed our animals the way in which they thrive the most in a domestic environment using Hay Pillows to free feed hay, big open spaces to move all day, fresh clean well water, probiotics and digestive enzymes. . Our dogs and cats get raw food along with free fed no grain kibble and Grandma Lucy's.

We live on our ranch, we use the products we manufacturer, sell, and promote, we take care of all of our animals naturally ourselves, believing in a more natural approach to health, including limited or no vaccines and promoting digestive and immune health. All of our horses and mini's are barefoot and have been for the past 20 years.

My vision for Earth Song Ranch has always been to be a resource and a source for alternative health products, natural (preventative) health and nutrition. I have been involved with them most of my life, and that numbers 65+ years. I have owned and been around horses, dogs and cats my entire life, and cared for them all with proper nutrition, homeopathy and alternative medicine.

Earth Song Ranch uses manufacturers who specializes in pre / pro-biotic and digestive enzyme blends for horses, cats and dogs. We are not new to this industry like so many others, and we are here for the long run and have been in business for more than two decades. We also blend several herbal products including an herbal wormer and a pure joint support for horses and dogs. These products contain no fillers or other non-essential ingredients, nor do we, or will we purchase any ingredients from China. We sell other products also made in the USA and use/source ingredients that are from vendors who are reputable and have been in business as long as we have.

In a world market filled with cheap, ineffective substances and automated customer assistance, I strive to assist customer's in helping their horses, or their cats and dogs, maintain or regain their health with health enhancing products.

I also believe in supporting small businesses that have wonderful and health enhancing products which we also sell from the Earth Song Ranch store. These products are ones I believe in, use for myself and/or my animal family and also recommend to my customers. From my own personal experience I know these products to be excellent in quality and consistency, they are made in the USA, and you will not find them in “big box stores” or in the big pet stores.

The Beginning

The concept for Earth Song Ranch began in September 1996 when I was introduced to a Cornell educated microbiologist/zoologist who introduced me to equine, canine and feline friendly micro encapsulated pro-biotics and digestive enzymes. Thus began my education on why pro-biotics are important feed additives for our horse, dog and cat friends. I had always known that pro-biotics were essential to human health, and found the benefits for our animal friends too. After several years of R&D, and some help from several holistic vets, I designed many herbal products that were blended with the pro-biotics and digestive enzymes.

With a lot of hard work and creativity I launched my first website in September 2005 and Earth Song Ranch continues to grow each year as more and more people want more natural products for their animal family members! We launched the new web site and store in September 2018, and we continue to make changes as we go, we continue to grow our business in helping people to help their animals naturally in to the future!

The Future

Earth Song Ranch, is dedicated to working with a team of professionals, including holistic and homeopathic vets, small companies and medium size companies who manufacture wonderful products, who have integrity and ethics, one of whom belongs to the National Animal Supplement Council, being a member they are held to a higher manufacturing standard for their supplements as well as where they purchase their ingredients, which are made in the USA. Earth Song Ranch prides itself on being a resource for barefoot horse care. Every single person is here to assist you and your animals to reach and maintain natural health and well-being!

About Jessica Lynn

Jessica Lynn writes articles and contributes interviews for various national and international horse publications, such as The Horse Talk Show, The Naturally Healthy Horse, Natural Horse, Horse's Hoof, HorseBack, Equine Wellness & more. She is an Equine Nutritionist and the owner of Earth Song Ranch, a feed & supplement manufacturer based in Southern California. Jessica has been involved in alternative health care, herbs, homeopathy, alternative health and nutrition for over 50 years. Contact Jessica at jessica@earthsongranch.com or phone 951-514-9700. Her web site, www.earthsongranch.com, offers numerous published articles and podcasts and other resources on natural health for horses, dogs, and cats.

We look forward to being of service to you and your animals!

Jessica Lynn of Earth Song Ranch is a regular contributor to Fox's The Horse Talk Show's Holistic Horse segment

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