Canadian & International Orders

For Canadian & International (European, UK, et al) orders - there is extra shipping that will be charged separately for Horse Tech Products, as well as our own products, which includes Equine Zyme and Equine Zyme Plus & Canine Wellness. Horse Tech Orders et al ship free in the continental US, but not to Canada, Europe etc.

Our herbal and other blends that ship from our ranch have a guesstimate for shipping, if it is less, we bill you - if it is more, then we refund you. You will receive a Pay Pal invoice for that additional shipping and your order cannot ship until that shipping is paid.

On your checkout invoice when  you are purchasing our herbal blends there is an additional “tax,” which should cover any additional costs of shipping, for any other things you may order, and if it is less we refund the difference. Sometimes it does not cover the cost of shipping, and if so then we will send a Pay Pal Invoice for the amount due.

When we offer “FREE Shipping” through our newsletters or on Face Book,  it does not include Canadian or any International orders, sorry.

Thanks in advance for understanding.  We look forward to serving you!