Order Processing, Blending & Packaging Time From Our Ranch

Because we are a small business with limited help, because it is, as well as has always has been, our policy we blend and package each herbal order fresh the day it ships. It does take a bit longer to hand blend, the wait for hand blended, hand dispensed items can be stressful to some, especially if you have a health challenged horse. We do our best, but it takes time to measure, weigh, hand dispense, package and ship.

We also hand label and dispense our Homeopathic Remedies and Nosodes the day they ship - we do not just grab them off the shelf and place them in a mailing envelope. Everything sent from our ranch is hand prepared, then packaged, then driven to the post office 10+ miles one way. But that is what makes us unique. We usually dispense and ship remedies and nosodes on Fridays.

You won't find products like ours on Amazon Prime, or at Smart Pack or any of the other big retailers.  

  • While we aim to process your order within a shorter shipping window, we are temporairly increasing our processing time frames from about 7 business days to up to 10 to 14 business days. (Not calendar days) Processing times are longer usually from early Spring in to early Fall, which is our busiest time of year.  Please understand that this could be extended beyond our control due to fulfillment centers/distributors (herbal suppliers, packaging et al) USPS, Shipping Partners (UPS) staffing and aditional safety procedures during this time of COVID.  Our partners are all adhering to strict health guidelines, as are we, set by the CDC for our work places as the COVID-19 virus which may be eased or not in California.  Please please be patient. Our products are worth the wait!
  • We only typically ship out orders on Tuesday and on some Friday's delivering them to our local post office as there is no carrier pick up in our rural area, which is to prevent unnecessary exposure to COVID and its variants during these challenging times.  Covid is active in our area still (3.15.2022)
  • However, if you order on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Holiday your order will not process until the next business day (so those days do not count) - once received we may also print a shipping label ahead of the ship date by several days, even up to a weeks time so we know what we need to order if running slow, in preparation for determinig blending of products, which will also show on the USPS tracking the "expected date" of shipping and the days it will take to ship to you, not always accurate.
  • Once your order ships it can take from 3-7 business days (not counting weekends or holidays) coming to you in the USPS system, which we have no control over.  As promised by USPS some time ago even priority mail has slowed, Tracking is sent to you via USPS once your label is printed not from Earth Song Ranch.  Please do not delete this email when you receive it, you can check the tracking from this email.  We do not enter your tracking number in to our website so it will not appear there, it will only be sent once via USPS.
  • Horse Tech Products, Equine Zyme, Equine Zyme Plus, Canine Wellness all typically process and ship within the next two regular business days, from date of your order, which does not include weekends or holidays (see below for processing times) or the next business day, they are drop shipped from Iowa.  Funds have to deposit in to our account and that takes time as well.

Typical Processing Times

If you place your order:

  • Monday to Thursday after 10:00 am Pacific time - your order will typically start to process the next regular business day, HorseTech items process within a business day or two, with shipping from Iowa taking usually another business day or two.
  • Friday through Sunday - your order will start to process the next business day, which is typically Monday and in some cases Tuesday.
  • On a three-day holiday weekend (Sat/Sun/Mon) - your order will start to process on Tuesday or in some cases due to volume on Wednesday.

High Volume Times

The herbal blends are done here on our ranch, herbal blends are hand measured and hand blended fresh, Homeopathics and Nosodes are also hand dispensed, depending on the order volume, or specials we run, we sometimes run low on herbs because suppliers are still not able to be fully staffing up due to COVID or even run out, wherein we have to search for herbs, which can also delay your order. We make every effort to notify you via email if that occurs but can't always because it is only me and one part time person!  Spring in to early Fall is our busiest season so please be patient, we are unique in what we do and because it is done by hand it does take longer.

Our Herbal Wormer is one of our best selling, as is the Tummy Tamer and there have been months that we have run out, so give yourself plenty of time, we make every effort to always have the needed herbs and we make every effort to let you know when an order will be delayed, but can't always.  During these challenging times with herbs coming from around the world we have had delays in receiving from Europe with boats docking and unloading.  We do our best.  We try hard, and we love what we do helping your horses to improve and regain their health, so it is worth the wait.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

PLEASE NOTE: ERRORS ON SITE PRICES and availability of products and services are subject to change without notice. Errors will be corrected where discovered and Earth Song Ranch reserves the right to revoke any stated offer and to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions, including after an order has been submitted, whether-or-not the order has been confirmed and/or your credit/debit card/Pay Pal account has been charged.

REFUNDS: If your credit/debit card/Pay Pal account has already been charged for the purchase and your order is cancelled, Earth Song Ranch will issue a credit to your credit/debit card/ Pay Pal account in the amount of the charge. Individual bank policies will control when this amount is credited to your account, we do not have any control over when your refund will be back in your account, come banks and credit card companies take 7-10 days for it to apprear in your account.  You will receive notice from our processor that your credit was issued. 

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