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For Horses & Other Animals

Vets and Equine Chiropractors -

DR. KEVIN FENTON, DVM, Homeopath, Acupuncture, & Chiropractic -  Dr Fenton is a holistic leaning veterinarian with over 35 years experience in all animals large and small. He is a homeopath and is available for homeopathic workups to find constitutional remedies for your horses, dogs and cats . Dr. Fenton is also available for phone consultations (US and Canada) for your animal's  current health issues by calling or texting the number below.

Dr. Fenton has a small animal practice in La Quinta, CA as  Chief of Staff/ Medical Director at a VCA small animal clinic in La Quinta (Palm Springs, CA) and has a horse practice in the Southern California High Desert area.  Dr Fenton has weekend clinics in the high desert area of Anza, Mt Center and Aguanga areas for horses and dogs for Chiropractic and Acupuncture, as well as for homeopathy.

To make appointments for:

DR DENICE MOFFAT is a veterinarian, naturopath and medical intuitive who works on humans and animals all over the world and mostly over the phone. She has a content-rich website ( and an internationally distributed natural health techniques free monthly ezine that reveals little-known health secrets, effective natural remedies, tricks, tips, options, recipes, thought-provoking feature articles and much more! She has been practicing alternative medicine for 15 years. You can read about her at:

Products We Love -

THE HAY PILLOW® is the most effective, versatile, easy to use high quality slow feeding hay bag on the market. Proudly made in the USA out of American made items from American made threads. Finally, a slow feeding system that provides a steady yet controlled supply of hay to your horse lasting several hours or all day and night.

WHINNY WARMERS - Whinny Warmers™ Socks for Horses equine leg warmers, are simple and functional. Horses are athletes and, like any athlete, your horse will benefit from the warmth and comfort. My horses wear them in the cold winter nights, and they wear their Summer Whinny's to repel flies in the summer!


LYDIA HIBY, ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR - Lydia Hiby is the most sought after animal communicator around. Her childhood dream of becoming a "fairy godmother" to animals seems to have come true. Her clients come from every state in the U.S. and European countires galore. Her client list number over 60,000 in over 20 years. Her fees are reasonable, and I personally use her for my animals!

THERESA WAGNER - Theresa Wagner - Those of us fortunate enough to love and be loved by animals know the exquisite joy and quiet fulfillment that comes from animals living in our hearts. We know there is no turning back from loving animals intensely once we experience this bond. Animals and their love stay in our souls, once we've let them in. And we are better for it, more complete, more whole, more compassionate, and often transformed.

Loving this much, we also know the searing pain of losing them. And we know the frustration, overwhelm and compassion fatigue inherent in rescue and sheltering work, and from the awareness of the devastation of wildlife by human ignorance. Teresa is an animal communicator who can communicate with your deceased pet or animal.

MARTA WILLIAMS -  Author/Biologist/Animal Communicator offers consultations for animals worldwide to help solve behavior problems, find lost animals, assist animals during illness and death, and bring people and animals and people and nature closer together. Martha is a proponent of natural training methods and holistic health care. Because she had such a hard time learning this skill she developed a unique training system for teaching others to help move quickly through any blocks or barriers. Martha offers online classes and a Master Program in Animal Communication.

GUIDED FORCE ENERGY CONNECTIONS - Shayleigh is a long time associate and animal communicator and teacher. She offers online courses and readings at

ELLEN KOHN is a trained in Animal Communication. Working in the same sacred space as the one she employs for healing sessions, Ellen creates a silent arena for the communications. Either by listening to their words, or seeing their images, she conveys their messages to you.

One of Ellen’s specialties is tracking lost animals. While this can be an emotional and difficult time for clients, sometimes the lost pet will respond to an energetic transmission or communication reassuring him or her that it is safe to go home. In most cases, Ellen is able to discern a location using dowsing and visualization techniques to find your pet. It is a valuable support system for pet owners who are distraught and upset when their beloved friend goes missing.

To learn more about Ellen’s services and read what her client’s have to say, please visit:

PEACOCK PET CAFE Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to understand the inner thoughts and feelings of your beloved furry companions? Animals have an inner voice and animal communicators know how to hear that. Diana Wanamaker has spent years nurturing and expanding her intuitive abilities by exchanging messages telepathically with animals. Over many years and numerous conversations, she has offered her guidance as a trusted advocate between people and their pets using her own approach of Intuitive communication. A beautiful collaborative and light hearted experience that creates a sense of connection, peace and hope as she uncovers truth, core solutions, and new understanding. If you are seeking answers and guidance to bond, heal, and create life changing experiences with your pet, you can visit Diana’s website:


PARELLI NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP - As far as I am concerned this is the only way to have a relationship with your horse!

MARGIT DEERMAN - Three Star Parelli Professional - It has been a blessing to have found Margit, she is helping me to start Cheyanne, who is truly a left brain horse, and very smart, who loves new things! She is the perfect person who showed up at the perfect time to help us!

BUCK BRANNAMAN - Buck Brannaman is one of the most respected horse "teachers" and cowboys of these past two centuries. His way of communicating with the horse and the horse's spirit is the link to the past as well as the future. He teaches us and the horse about developing trust and understanding, along with clear communication, not submission. This link is to the site that carrys his books, videos and tracks his schedule. "When it comes to horses, Buck Brannaman is part guru, part psychologist, and all cowboy. He's a 19th century man in a 21st century world, and his life is at once inspirational and instructive." -- Tom Brokaw

MARK RASHID - Mark is an internationally acclaimed horse trainer known for his ability to understand the horse's point of view solving difficult problems with communication rather then force. Like Buck Brannaman he began working with horses at a young age. Mark's clinics center on one-on-one work with horse and rider. His many books are written in "first person" style and are a great read for anyone looking for a greater understanding of the inside of a horse!

HARRY WHITNEY – Harry Whitney prefers not to call himself a horse trainer. Instead, he’s simply someone who sees things from the horse's point of view - someone fluent in the language of horses. A perceptive, kind, and clear instructor, Harry is able to help folks understand their horses - not only for their benefit, but for the benefit of their horses. You would never know it by looking at his old high toppers and cowboy hat, but Harry holds an animal science degree from Kansas State University.


HAGEL'S COWBOY GEAR - Sara Douglas-Hagel began making mane hair Mecates at age 13 and now crafts high quality Mecates, horsehair and mohair cinches that are not only functional but a work of craftsmanship and art! Twelve years ago she married Lee Hagel and the couple decided to offer high quality leather goods along with their Mecates. This met a huge client demand for complimentary products. Many custom saddle makers including Dale Harwood and Cary Schwartz were looking for strap goods that would meet their stringent standards for quality gear, as were some of the top clinicians, including Buck Brannaman, and they now rely on Hagel's Cowboy Gear to make their headstalls, slobber straps, spur straps and curb straps, fine Mecates, and other cowboy gear.

TREELESS SADDLES -- We have one of these saddles for my young horse, a hard to fit "wide bodied" mare. These saddles are used by Endurance Riders at Tevis and more so you can understand the comfort for horse and rider! Paulitta is wonderful, can even fit your horse from photos if you live a long distance, she is on the east coast I am on the west and we have a great fit for Cheyanne!

PERFORMANCE HORSE BLANKETS - I have used this company for years, they have the blankets I want and need for my Arabian and my minis - I love their sales and also their free shipping! Sign up for their newsletters as they do most of their offers and coupon codes that way! Love their customer service too!

EQUESTRISAFE - Before emergencies happen, make sure you can identify your horse or someone else can if they are evacuated.

For the Spirit

BELLA ROSE & FRIENDS STORIES - Amazing and heartwarming short stories by and about animals. Messages of kindness, love, friendship and bravery. For children of all ages and the young at heart!

JACQUIE LAWSON CARDS - I don't know about you, but in this day and age I love to send and receive e-cards for various occasions - this selection of cards hales from England and are my particular favorites as some are interactive! They are cleaver, artistic, and some have music! Well worth the membership!